In event of death

In event of death  [intense_icon type=”chevron-right” width=”28px” height=”28px” color=”#3d4b5c”]  Services 24h

OUR CALL CENTER Telephone is active 24h per 365 days a year

After having contacted our funeral home, one of our employees will immediately assist you and help you resolve all types of problems.
If the death occurs at home, our specialised staff will prepare the body (dressing and composition), as well as provide the Istat form on which the family doctor must declare the cause of death (in the event the family doctor cannot be contacted, our staff will help you find a solution).
If the death occurs in hospital, the certification and notification of death will be completed by the hospital administration.

Relatives of the deceased will be able to select the arrangements for their loved one. The different solutions offered are:

  • Entombmentin a new vault for 30 years, or in an existing vault or tomb
  • Burialin a common cemetery for a period of 10 years
  • Cremationof the body and relative destination of ashes in a new cinerary vault or together with a cargo which has already been buried in another building, scattering into nature or in the garden of memories, kept in the home of a close relative who has expressed their desire to hold the ashes
  • Transferof the body to a cemetery in another part of Italy or abroad.